How Best To Use Profit Lance System - STEP-2


By now, you have got your own Clickbank ID and your promotional link to your various websites. Like I said earlier, do not try to promote all sites at once. Select the one you like best. Kick off your promotion with that.

Now you might like to make one more major change into your account. Profit Lance system initially allots a user ID which also becomes part of the website name. Fortunately, Profit Lance system allows you change user name.

In case, you find that name does not go well with the website, you may consider changing it. In the Edit Accounts section, under the Login Details section you will find your user name and along side of it you will a blue link " want to change it?". Click on that. Keep some relevant short names handy. Follow the instructions. Check for availability. Once available, it will be changed. In order for the change to take effect, you must log out and re-login.

Remember, you better keep this change permanent. Carry out the name change BEFORE you start promoting your website. If you wrongly promote the website with the previous name, it would not work and your effort will go waste.

Next, I shall deal with some promotional methods.


How Best to Use Profit Lance System - Step 1


If you have not joined Profit Lance system, do it now.

While Profit Lance system is an online money-making opportunity for you, you should also know how to take the best advantage of the system.

When you join, if you are a total newbie, you may be overwhelmed. Remember, you are going to deal with one thing at a time. So it won't be a problem. What should be done first and next... Actually, the welcome page itself gives an explanation for that.

My suggestions:

On the first day, immediately after joining the membership, you browse through various menus and contents available. Study the features. You may not understand everything at once.

Read Getting Started and Essentials section first. There are several video tutorials.

In Essentials section, you will get instructions how to join Clickbank and enter your Clickbank ID into Profit Lance system.

The first thing you must do is to promote your websites. Not all of them. Select which interests you. Join Clickbank (there is a link there) and get your own Clickbank ID which is also your user name. Enter your Clickbank ID in the field required in Profit Lance website. And your affiliate link is automatically prepared.

By doing this your Clickbank hop link is automatically integrated into all the websites. When someone buys from the link on the website you will earn the commission.

Once your websites are ready with your affiliate links, you should start promoting the website. Start with the free methods. They are effective if done right and regularly.

If you have deep pockets you may consider PPC marketing. The basics are explained in the site. If you would like to know more on that you may contact me using the comment section mentioning what exactly you are looking for. I shall post my reply comments there.

PPC marketing is very fast and effective if done rightly. If you do not know the fundamentals please do not get into it. In the beginning, it would eat up a lot of money during the test period. Of course, you can easily recover that sooner or later.


Get The Profit Lance System Now...

"Are You Ready To Join the Profit Lance System and Start Making Profits Starting Today?"

Your door to wealth is wide open. Walk in and follow the instructions. Collect your profits day after day...

By now, you must be aware of the advantages of Profit Lance system. With Profit Lance system, you just cannot fail. It may take a little longer for total newbies. If you want to re-visit my review page, go here. Let me recap:

  • Easy & simple to start business working from home
  • No Internet marketing knowledge or skills required at the time of joining
  • No web designing or web site maintaining skills required
  • Start your business on day-one
  • No further investment needed until you start earning
  • Only takes a few hours of your time daily
  • No information overload
  • One-time joining fee - Life-time membership
  • Earn passive hands-free income with Adsense web sites
  • Plenty of bonuses and free downloads.
You are getting everything on a silver platter. Complete websites. Contents. Hosting. You have to just read the instructions and follow the system on a regular basis. Success is yours.

Yes, I want the Profit Lance system now. Take me there.

Full Review of Profit Lance System

"Review of Profit Lance System"

My review here will help you decide whether Profit Lance money-making system is good for you or not. Profit Lance system is about making profits - that is a set-up to start making money online using your time and efforts alone. No further investment needed although that would make things better.

If you are ready to join Profit Lance system and start making money right away, Click Here.

Let me tell you what you don't need to know:

- web designing & knowledge of setting up websites
- web page uploading and updating skills
- writing contents/copy writing advertisements
- Internet marketing know-how knowledge

You can start your own online business without these skills because everything is given to you ready-made. Learning these skills later is highly recommended - just the basics. The idea behind Profit Lance system itself is to give you a quick start and not make you learn all these time-consuming things when there is no income.

Once you start making money you will be easily motivated to learn the basics of web page making and other things or hire people to do some of these tasks you are not good at.

It is like first giving a fish to a starving person and also teaching him how to fish for more income all by himself in the future.

What you must know and have?

  • how to use the Internet - Internet surfing experience
  • how to use PC for normal use - emails, writing,using word, editing, saving,etc.
  • should have a good (preferably broadband) Internet connection.

Even if you are not good at these, it is easy to master these as they are very simple.

What does the Profit Lance system give to you?

  • You get 10 ready-made websites. They are hosted in your name on Profit Lance computers. You don't have to pay anything. Your responsibility is to promote them
  • You are taught how to promote these websites for free. Yes, websites can be promoted without any expense but with your regular effort alone. You get all the tips.
  • There are tons of tutorials including some videos making things easier for you to learn
  • You can learn everything about Internet marketing - all the secrets are revealed
  • You have to just follow the system. Execute the instructions. That's all.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. Can I get get my money-back if I did not earn any money? - At the time of joining itself you can choose an option that gives your money back if don't succeed. In any case, you enjoy a 60-day period to decide to keep the system or not. It is a guaranteed system. You are free to demand your money back.
  2. I don't have any knowledge about computers. Can I use it? - Sorry. You should have your own computer with an Internet connection and you should know basic usage of the computer. You may first learn computer skills from some friend or institute and then join this program
  3. I don't have any knowledge about Internet selling, websites and other technical things. How can this program help? - Profit Lance system is basically for people like you. This is an Internet marketing coaching system where you learn the skills at your own pace. Since it is a one-time payment membership, you can learn things whenever it is convenient for you. The system gives you ready-made websites. You only have to promote them by using the methods and ideas given by the website.
  4. What are the ideal skills one must have for quick success? - Profit Lance system is not only for newbies. It is also for those who have tried Internet marketing on their own and have failed miserably or have had only some success. It is only natural to fail when you don't go systematically. It also reduces information overload.
  5. Is it tough to learn Internet marketing? = Normally, it is tough. The learning curve is steep - because of the technical knowledge and familiarity required. With Profit Lance system, your problems are eliminated. That's the main advantage of Profit Lance system. Since you get all the technical things pre-done for you, you have to spend a penny or an hour of effort in that direction. However, learning those skills in the long-term is highly recommended for your own benefit.

Visit the Profit Lance page.

About Making Money With Profit Lance System Blog

This blog was created to meet the demand of potential thoughtful users who would like more information before joining the PROFIT LANCE membership system. I would like to give away the information they want and need.

The reason I am doing this, is because I myself was once in their place - confused and not sure whether it was for me.

The Profit Lance sales letter may say anything. But you must ask yourself whether it applies to you. The Profit Lance system was designed for newbies with some basic knowledge of Internet marketing. Actually, it was aimed at those who have already gone through loads of information and are confused as to where to start.

Of course, a total newbie also could benefit from Profit Lance system because it includes detailed tutorials on basics including videos. Everything you need to know to start an online successfully is fully explained there.

If you are total newbie don't worry. By total newbie, I mean people wanting to earn money online but not knowing how to go about. They are also not much familiar with using computers. These people need some extra resources. That's where I have decided to help. I believe when you help others help comes to you.

Look at the CATEGORIES section on the right side. There could be something that interests you. You may subscribe to my blog via RSS so that you would be able to read it right from your computer.

Remember, this blog has been just started. It would take quite some time to provide full information. Please be patient. Bookmark this site in so that it will be there for your records.

If you need any information, please do not hesitate to post your comment below. I shall try to reply to your problem as early as possible. Okay?

To Your Success.

Jo Kumar